Purrballs Adel


Adel is the co-founder & artist of Purrballs. Her passion in character design and her love for cats drove her to create the Purrballs. She spearheaded the #PurrballsGiveBack campaign, raising funds towards helping community cats in need. In her free time, she enjoys reading books by the window, with a cat for company.

Purrballs Ris


Ris is the co-founder & crafter for all of Purrballs' handmade purrchandise. Having a knack for handicrafts, she enjoys creating tiny trinkets out of clay and transforming them into charming accessories. She also enjoy experimenting with different art materials and exploring new techniques.

Purrballs Isaac


Isaac is the game designer behind the Purrballs: Catventure Card Game. A huge gaming nerd, he's always found either with a mouse, controller or cards in hand. He's currently working on more games for both the Catventure universe and Nekomancy Games.

Purrballs Purresident


Patch rose from being an unwanted kitten in a backyard breeder’s home to the Purresident of Purrballs. She inspects new purrchandise with care, ensuring the team is prepared for events. Her daily antics provide a wealth of inspiration, contributing to much of Purrballs' recent work.

Purrballs Meownager


Our latest addition to the team, Winter will be assisting with the inspection of new purrchandise when they arrive at our studio. She is fastidious, albeit a little clumsy. While she still has much to learn from our Purresident, she is already doing a great job!