Purrballs Cafe - Tama’s Special Embroidered Patch


July 2021 Patreon exclusive purrchandise – 'Purrballs Cafe - Tama’s Special'

Iron-on back embroidered patch.
Each patch measures approximately 7cm (2.8inch).

How to iron-on a patch:
1. Position the patch on your garment and place a thin scrap fabric over it.
2. Press down firmly in slow circular motion with an iron on medium setting for 30s.
3. Turn your garment inside out and repeat step 2 for the back of the patch until all edges are stuck onto the garment.
4. Wait at least 24 hours before washing. You can also consider sewing around the edges of patch so that they are withstand machine wash better.

Quality Guide:
Standard - Standard quality
Seconds - Slightly imperfections in the embroidery


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