Purrballs Catventure Card Game
Purrballs Catventure Card Game
Purrballs Catventure Card Game Royal Entourage
Purrballs Catventure Card Game Deluxe Edition

Purrballs: Catventure Card Game

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Join the Purrballs on a Catventure~

The Purrballs are on a Catventure! Build your own party of eager Catventurers. Send them into the Dungeon to bring back valuable Loot. Fight dangerous Monsters and reap their rewards. The Purrballs Catventure card game is a fast, exciting game of fantasy catventures!

Each Standard Edition includes:
• 160 finely illustrated cards
• 4 large engraved dice
• Assorted tokens

The Deluxe Edition comes with:
• Royal Entourage Purromo Pack*
• 2 chrome token stickers
• Everything else in the Standard Edition

*The Royal Entourage Purromo Pack includes 5 new Catventurers, including the Princess, a new Noble with a powerful ability!

📐 Approximate box dimension: 19 x 14 x 6.5 cm / 7½ x 5½ x 2½ inches.

💡 Purrfect for:
• 3~5 players
• 30~45 minutes playing time

Read the rules for the game here.