Seconds/B-Grade Mochi Enamel Pin
Seconds/B-Grade Mochi Enamel Pin

Seconds/B-Grade Mochi Enamel Pin

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⚠️NOTICE: These are less than perfect enamel pins, which we feel qualify as Seconds/B-Grade.

❓ What’s the difference between A-Grade and B-Grade?
A-Grade pins are practically free of imperfections, while B-Grade pins have noticeable flaws and minor imperfections, such as:
- Air bubbles in the enamel
- Under filled or unevenness in the enamel
- Noticeable scratches or stains

A B-Grade pin might not be perfect, but is still wearable and a good addition to any pin collection. These pins will come in their original standard packaging. However, choosing, returns or refunds will not be allowed.

📐 The largest width of each pin is approximately 30 mm / 1¼ inch. It is made with silver plated brass/copper with hard enamel and a butterfly clutch at the back.