Secret Store Expansion Pack

$18 SGD

Note: This is a first edition product. To use this with the second edition, please purchase the Update Pack second edition.

"Many rumors exist among the chatty Catventurers, but none are as persistent as that of a mysterious store. Some say it moves from place to place, sometimes within the blink of an eye. Others whisper about the cloaked figure seated behind the counter. But all agree on its goods, powerful and valuable beyond compare, with a price tag to match..."

The Secret Store is the first expansion pack for the Purrballs: Catventure Card Game. It introduces Coins, a valuable resource that counts as XP (experience points) at the end of the game. Gain Coins by cashing in Bounties, trading in your valuable Loot cards for a fat purseful. Gather enough, and you can then purrchase Store cards; their powerful abilities are sure to help when you most need it!

The expansion includes:
• 60 finely illustrated cards
• 42 coin tokens

Box Dimension: 9 x 6.5 x 4.2cm (3½ x 2.6 x 1.6inch).
This is an expansion. The Purrballs: Catventure Card Game is required to play.
Read the rules for the expansion here.

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