To give back to the community cats from whom we draw most of our inspiration from, we donate part of our proceeds madeĀ to non-profit cat rescue & welfare groups,Ā as well as community cat feeders in Singapore. This is a small way we can contribute to the many abandoned, sick & injured cats fighting for a second chance in life.

Every purrchase you made with Purrballs contributes indirectly towards helping our community cats in need.Ā This would not have been possible without your continued support!

Purrballs Donation

Ā Cat Rescue & Welfare Groups we haveĀ supported so far:

Cat Welfare Society
Cats of Anchorvale
Keep Cats SG
Lily Low's Whiskers & Tails (formerlyĀ Lily Low Shelter)
Love Kuching Project
Save Dakota Cats
Saving the Siameses
St. John Island Cats
The Cat Museum Singapore

If you know of any Singapore cat shelter or rescue groups needingĀ support from the community, drop us a message here.Ā We will try our best to reach out to them for our future donations.