Purrballs was originally inspired by the community cats who reside in our sunny island, Singapore. It is created by two friends who share the same love for cats. We created these characters and transformed them into fun and quirky cat themed accessories, stationery and gifts. Our goal is to bring joy to all cat lovers around the world - one purr at a time!

We also strongly advocate giving back to the community via our Purrballs Giveback campaign, raising funds towards helping local cat rescuers, shelters and welfare groups in Singapore.

On this site, you can shop for purrchandise and request for an art commission. Or if you are looking for cat-themed handmade trinkets and jewellery, check out Risu.Craft!

The Illustrator

Hi, I'm Adel the illustrator behind Purrballs. My art is greatly inspired by my cats, nature, books, life experiences and lots of my own imagination. When I'm not creating for Purrballs, I enjoy reading books while sipping a nice cup of tea or painting whimsical little stories using traditional mediums.

Through my works, I hope to share the little magic in art creation – the stories, emotions and memories behind each piece that hopefully you can relate to. You can also view my works on my art Instagram account or my Ko-fi page where I share my work-in-progress and painting process.

Thank you for being here ♡